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  Congratulations, you have found us.    Please Read Carefully.

    We are pleased to announce that BulletInspector is now selling kits for building a replica of the Vern Juenke Machine.

These kits require the person assembling them to be an electrical engineer or have the equivalent in experience.

These kits were modeled after the 2002 version of the Vern Juenke Machine. We are selling these kits in our eBay Store. 

We are selling these kits without technical support.

At this time we only know of two people capable of assembling this meter and making it work.

Mr. Juenke and the BulletDoctor. The skill level necessary to assemble these kits is at Rainman level.

So if you are looking at purchasing one of these kits, make sure you got Rainman skills.

We have included in this website an electrical diagram of how the meter head, circuit board,  dials and switches are connected to each other.

Before considering purchasing this kit, study the diagram closely make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into.

We will not be able to help you if you can't get it working.

 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you purchase one of these kits and can't get it working.  We will not refund your money. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

We are looking for a few individuals with Rainman skills that can successfully assemble the  BulletInspector meter kit and wish become a dealer.

As soon as we get the BulletInspector kits we will list them in our eBay store. We do not list kits unless they are in stock.

Basic Kit

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