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  About us

BulletInspector is located in Winchester Virginia. We work on computer equipment and handle the websites for different companies. Over the last year we

decided to start selling these kits to help keep this machine alive.  I have worked with the BulletDoctor to assemble these kits to sell and we are

ready to bring them to market.  I get these kits when they are available from the machine shop, which is not all the time so as we get them we will make them available.

These kits come directly from a machine shop in the good old USA, That we contract to produce them.

At this time we are the only outlet for these kits.

No one here at BulletInspector is capable of assembling or operating this meter.

Our website does not have any advertisements on it. We only make money if we sell our products. When you buy our products you are supporting companies

making the parts for us and the people that spend countless hours answering emails, making the Free diagrams, manuals and documents to make this website a reality.

The electrical diagram on this site was hand drawn by the BulletDoctor. We asked him to make it as simple as possible.

Without this simple diagram and the BulletDoctor Manual, which he also has made available to us. We could not have brought the BulletInspector kits and this website to life. 

Thank You          Kevin the BulletInspector

Send mail to Support@Bulletinspector.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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